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In The Blood Summaries - Act 5: Uninvited [Dec. 26th, 2011|04:17 am]
Chapter 30 - Same Cloth - (AO3 Link)
A while back in time, the Hakaza clan is due to arrive at the Taki family's compound. Yuki, however, has not shown up for breakfast, so his brother Nobuhiro goes searching for him. Yuki has frozen himself into his room with his inexplicable ice-manipulation abilities, which happens often, when he is upset. It is revealed that Yuki was left at the gate of the Taki compound when he was an infant with a note that Nobuhiro suspects was from Orochimaru, as it mentions his older sister, whom the ninja abducted when he was a child. Nobuhiro suspects that Yuki is his nephew, but doesn't have the heart to tell the boy. He manages to calm Yuki down enough to do his duty to the family.

Chapter 31 - Forced Zipper - (AO3 Link)
The Hakaza clan arrives at the Taki compound, and Yuki and Kiine are introduced to Kiine's fiance, Kou, a quiet, pudgy boy that Yuki hates almost immediately. Kou and Kiine are seated next to each other at dinner that night, and the awkward silence between them is broken by Kou apologizing for the arrangement and the fact that he didn't do enough to stop it. His apologetic nature and humility gets Kiine to warm up to him, to Yuki's horror--he believes that Kou's self-depreciation is an act. Kiine has Yuki perform a trick for Kou's amusement, and Yuki freezes Kou's bowl of soup, though it ends up unfreezing while Kou is holding it above his head. Kou, however, brings no attention to the fact that it may be Yuki's fault.

Chapter 32 - Ripped Seam - (AO3 Link)
Kiine calls Yuki to her bedroom after dinner the next night to apologize for her anger at him, in the wake of his accidental snitching on her location in Konoha. Yuki takes the apology badly, and ends up blurting out his mistrust of Kou when Kiine brings up the possibility of them sneaking out of the house together later. He grows extremely upset at Kiine's trust in him, which, partially out of jealousy, he has taken as dangerous, and leaves the room with tears in his eyes. He works through his frustration in the dojo for the rest of the day.

Chapter 33 - Embroidered Words - (AO3 Link)
Kou goes to speak with Boss Tensho privately in an attempt to break up the marriage between him and Kiine--a plan of action that is entirely out of Kiine's imagination. He stumbles with his words, finding it difficult to lie about Kiine, even for her sake. Boss Tensho immediately sees through the ruse and talks to the boy about his worries for Kiine's future, saying he wants her to have someone that will look out for her and make sure she doesn't make bad decisions. Meeting with Kiine later about it, Kiine expresses exasperation for her father's old-fashioned views and tells Kou not to worry about it, before mentioning that Kou's father had similar things to say about Kou "being taken care of" by her, when she went to meet with him.

Chapter 34 - Dull Scissors - (AO3 Link)
The POV shifts to a group of Cloud ninja camped out a small ways away from the Taki compound, on orders from the Raikage to kidnap Kou. After going over their orders, they wait for the signal to go out for the mission to commence. One of the Cloud ninja, a scatter-brained geek named Fuzan, daydreams while waiting. Fuzan comes from rural Lightning and became inspired by comic books to become a ninja, and thinks at length on the matter.

Chapter 35 - Cleaving Needle - (AO3 Link)
Fuzan's daydream ends with him reminiscing over the beginnings of his ninja career in Cloud, where he lived with his aunt and cousin while training to become a genin and, later, chuunin. His fondness for manga and his girlfriend are briefly touched upon, before the signal goes out and the team rushes for the Taki compound. Fuzan, put on surveillance, starts to zone out during the lack of action, before he is ambushed by a small girl with a sword. She incapacitates him and strips him of his swords, interrogating him with her foot on his back, but she lets up when she discovers that he is after Kou and not anyone else. The girl hands back Fuzan's swords and he flees, hearing over the radio that Kou has been captured. As the sun rises and his team stops to rest, Fuzan hopes that nobody finds out about his lapse in conduct, nor his encounter with the girl.

Chapter 36 - Torn Button - (AO3 Link)
A ransom note arrives the next morning with the Cloud ninja's terms, and Boss Tensho and Kou's father, Boss Shin, decide to combine their forces in the effort to get Kou back. A man named Hozuki is also hired to assist the posse. Kiine also offers her assistance, but her father brushes her off. Kiine's mother, however, hints that Kiine will be easily able to sneak out of the house to assist in her own way. Kiine goes to fetch Yuki, only to find him frozen into his room again. Yuki, highly agitated, believes that he is to blame for Kou's kidnapping, since he had captured and then set a Cloud ninja free. Kiine tries to work this to her advantage, but Yuki is simply too upset, snapping at her to save her "boyfriend" by herself, and nearly injuring her in sending up a sheet of ice between them. Kiine leaves to prepare for her own departure, and follows her father's men that evening.

Chapter 37 - Mended Line - (AO3 Link)
Kiine is approached by Shingetsu, the young companion of the man named Hozuki. Shingetsu has a talent for sensing people, and Kiine asks for his help in finding Kou. Shingetsu asks if Yuki is joining them, adding, before Kiine can interrupt, that he is nearby. Leading Kiine to him, the trio formulates a vague plan, before Shingetsu returns to his guardian. Kiine and Yuki then get a chance to properly reconcile, and Kiine reassures Yuki that, although she cares about Kou, nobody will ever replace Yuki. Though she is mad that he let the Cloud ninja go, she understands his reasons, and the two settle down for a far more restful sleep.

Chapter 38 - Chain Link - (AO3 Link)
The Taki and Hakaza clans settle down for negotiations with the Cloud ninja at an abandoned house. Shingetsu sneaks away from the proceedings to assist Kiine and Yuki, hiding nearby, and giving them Kou's location. Kiine and Yuki travel towards where he is being kept--a small base set into a cave--and set up an ambush by having Yuki lower the temperature in the base to draw the ninjas out. There is a skirmish, during which Kiine seemingly summons chains from her hand to incapacitate a fleeing ninja. Yuki also releases his anger on Fuzan, by breaking his arm and freezing him to a wall. Kiine carries a drugged and unconscious Kou away from the base, and calls for a continuation of talks, though with her involvement, even though the Cloud ninja no longer have their hostage.

Chapter 39 - Drafted Pattern - (AO3 Link)
The syndicate members and ninjas agree to leave each other alone until further negotiations can be planned, and each return to their homes, Hozuki included. Kou is treated for his injuries and the drugs used to sedate him, and Tensho's wife advises him to throw a party in celebration of his safe return home. The morning after the party, a letter arrives from Naruto inviting the Taki clan to join him in Konoha for the chuunin exams as his guests. Tensho is at first dismissive, but when Shin and, later, Kiine start pestering him about what good it could do, he grows frustrated and speaks with Shin outside, asking him not to meddle. Shin has a talk with Tensho about Kiine's strengths and his lack of trust in her, causing Tensho to agree to the trip to Konoha, and for Kiine to come with him. She helps him write a letter (and writes one of her own) and has it sent to Naruto.

Chapter 40 - Mirror Knife - (AO3 Link)
The Cloud ninja work at cleaning up the aftermath of Kiine's attack. Fuzan, frozen to a wall, ends up unconscious from pain and cold-related sickness, and is unable to join in his team's discussion. One of the ninjas recognizes Hozuki as Suigetsu, and wonders if Mist is involved with him being there, since Yuki resembles a Yuki clan member. Suigetsu, however, denies any Mist connection quite violently. Nobuhiro also angrily denies any connection of Yuki to a ninja clan. These and other things are reported to the Raikage, who decides to contact the Mizukage. The news of Suigetsu's appearance does not impress her much, though the mention of Yuki greatly interests her. The Raikage, however, tells her not to send anyone out to investigate Yuki, since ninja dealings with the syndicates are at an agreed stand-still, and he doesn't want his terms ruined by her. The Mizukage hangs up and laments the loss of the Yuki clan, as she believes them to be excellent candidates for her breeding program. Meanwhile, Suigetsu chastises Shingetsu for his assistance of Kiine and Yuki, mentioning that he'll have to report Fuzan's injury to whomever he truly works for--the injury of "any of those three" will bring him great trouble. The end of the scene mentions red marks on the back of Shingetsu's neck, and how they remind Suigetsu of "what holds him."
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In The Blood Summaries - Act 4: Found [Nov. 3rd, 2011|02:45 am]
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Chapter 19 - Outstretched Hand - (AO3 Link)
A package arrives for Sakura from Karin containing copies of Orochimaru's lab reports, which is the most that Karin can do to help for the time being while she searches for more leads.  Sakura goes through the reports and is immensely disturbed but unable to make much headway. She decides to consult Sasuke and see if he can add any insight from his days in Sound. She stops by his house and finds Ino instead, looking exhausted and unhappy, though she denies anything's wrong when Sakura asks and tells her where Sasuke is. Sakura finds Sasuke training with Go'on, and gets Sasuke to look at the reports, but has no further theories to contribute. Sakura leaves, disappointed and confused by Sasuke's suddenly impatient mood.

Chapter 20 - Bitten Tongue - (AO3 Link)
Sasuke sends Go'on home when he is unable to concentrate, shaken by the records Sakura showed him. Sasuke begins to believe that Yakata is a clone that Orochimaru made of his brother, but feels he is just being delusional again, considering how his other theories were proven wrong. Sasuke resolves to visit Karin and talk to her himself, to see if his final theory is plausible or not. Their meeting is full of awkward conversation, where Karin asks about Sasuke's family and talks about the child she herself is expecting, even though she is now in her 40's. When they get down to business, Karin has no new theories to add. Sasuke is about to lose his temper when a young man enters that looks exactly like Orochimaru. Karin introduces him as her son, Ooda, and leaves with Sasuke to talk privately in her living room.

Chapter 21 - Frozen Teeth - (AO3 Link)
Karin explains that Ooda was left at her clinic as an infant with a note from Orochimaru asking for her to care for him until his return. He is an exact genetic duplicate of Orochimaru, though he has not been informed of this, for the sake of his mental health. Karin has held off on telling other people about him for fear of harm coming to her or to Ooda, or to cause unnecessary trouble, if Orochimaru is no longer active, especially since so many years have passed without any further contact from him. Sasuke then tells Karin about Yakata, and from this new information she comes up with a theory that Yakata and Kiine are both clones made by Orochimaru. Sasuke makes a plan to go see Yakata again and gather more information for Karin and Sakura. Karin makes him promise not to tell anyone else about Ooda, however, and Sasuke agrees.

Chapter 22 - White Wing - (AO3 Link)
Sasuke returns to Tamina to speak with the Honbo family, compiling the questions he wants to ask them along the way. However, Yakata answers the door with anger, and his parents are angry as well. Sasuke learns that, during his previous visit to Tamina, Yakata became convinced that Sasuke was his biological father--he was given to the Honbo family as an infant by a hooded man. Forced into a corner when asked why he has returned, Sasuke makes up a story about Itachi being Yakata's father, and that he returned when he found letters of Itachi's that mentioned leaving a child behind. Yakata's parents do not question the story, and are likewise cooperative when Sasuke asks them if he can bring Yakata back to Konoha with him for blood tests and ninja training. They all decide to sleep on it.

Chapter 23 - Pupil Reflection - (AO3 Link)
Yakata thinks about what Sasuke has said, and decides that he wants to go with him for not just the blood tests, but the training as well. Having had a childhood full of punishments for his unnatural intellect and skills, resulting in the nickname of "witch-boy," extreme shyness, and a stutter, Yakata wishes to learn a "trade" that will allow him to prove useful for once. He packs his things in the morning after Sasuke arrives, and the two depart for Konoha.

Chapter 24 - Ankle Memory - (AO3 Link)
Sasuke and Yakata journey from Tamina to Konoha, talking of many things on the way. Yakata asks about Sasuke's family, as well as Itachi. Sasuke pokes Yakata on the forehead while they have lunch, much like Itachi used to do to him, as the subject comes up during the meal.  They camp out for the night, and Yakata is dazzled by Sasuke's fireball technique, though he grows self-conscious when Sasuke brings up his stutter. Sasuke tells Yakata not to mind if people stare at him in Konoha, which Yakata worries over. They end up humming songs to each other on the final leg of the journey to avoid talking.

Chapter 25 - Blurred Vision - (AO3 Link)
Sasuke brings Yakata to his house and introduces him to Ino without much explanation, and tells her to get dinner started while he shows Yakata around. He then takes Yakata to the ruins of the old Uchiha compound. When Sasuke takes Yakata to the plot of land where his old home used to stand, Yakata finds himself unable to breathe and grows frightened. Sasuke takes him to the lake to calm down, but the pair are interrupted by Murasaki. Sasuke leaves in anger and warns Yakata to never listen to her. Sasuke also orders Yakata to not bring Itachi up around his family. They run into Nadeshiko on the way back inside, though she retreats at the sight of Sasuke, and Sasuke tenses up when Yakata asks about her.  Yakata goes to take a bath and is cheered up when he finds that someone has left out clean clothes for him.

Chapter 26 - Stretched Tendons - (AO3 Link)
Yakata is introduced to the members of Sasuke's family, one by one, and helps Karai set the table. Sasuke explains that Yakata is a boy he has taken in to train, and completely leaves out any mention of Yakata's identity or "parentage." A mild scuffle breaks out when Sasuke says he wants for Inou to share his room with Yakata, until Hajime, the oldest son, volunteers to stay at a friend's house while Yakata uses his room. Karai helps him move in, and Nadeshiko offers to help as well, though she leaves. Yakata asks Karai why Sasuke seems to have an issue with her, and Karai responds that it's always been that way. Yakata goes to bed early, after Sasuke reminds him how busy the next day will be.

Chapter 27 - Severed Nerve - (AO3 Link)
Sasuke and Ino have a severe argument in which Ino demands to know who Yakata really is, and Sasuke tells her. She grows enraged when she learns that Sasuke has lied to the boy and told him that Itachi was his father, and that Sasuke expects for him never to ask anyone else about Itachi. Much of her energy is spent in trying to keep him quiet, so nobody else hears. Ino eventually dares to insult Sasuke as badly as he insults her, and ends up with an injured arm from Sasuke squeezing it so tightly.  The argument only ends when the second son, Takeru, comes down for a glass of water, forcing the two to drop the issue.

Chapter 28 - Familiar Blood - (AO3 Link)
Sasuke takes Yakata to the hospital and introduces him to Sakura so she can draw blood from him for testing. Sasuke gets her up to speed about the things that he and Karin discussed, as well, but keeps his promise in not telling her about Ooda. They both decide to only tell Naruto if the tests on Yakata come back positive, which they do: he has the same chakra-saturated cells that Kiine does. Sakura then visits Naruto and finds him working on how to handle the debts left to them by the Taki clan. Surprisingly, Naruto seems to have forgotten the fact that Kiine is an Uzumaki in the time since Sakura first came to him about it. Naruto asks Sakura if she thinks Sasuke has been acting strangely, before she leaves, and from that she figures that Sasuke hasn't told Naruto about Yakata's identity and decides not to say anything either.

Chapter 29 - Paper Cut - (AO3 Link)
Sakura sends in Yakata's blood for further testing, and checks in with Ino about how she's handling having him in the house. The training is already taking its toll on Yakata's body, but Ino does not tell Sakura this. Sasuke spends some time in telling Yakata about his past, and gives him a photograph of Itachi and his family from when Sasuke was a child. Nadeshiko also leaves small gifts in the form of flowers and books on the desk in Yakata's room, though she avoids talking to him overtly. Karin writes to Sasuke, appalled at his decision to bring Yakata to Konoha, and rebukes him for referring to Yakata as Itachi in one of his letters. Meanwhile, Naruto writes a letter to the Taki clan.
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In The Blood Summaries - Act 3: Forest [Nov. 3rd, 2011|12:59 am]
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Chapter 15 - First Steps - (AO3 Link)
Inou and Karai set out for the chuunin exams, and Inou's team discusses their plan of action.  Sasuke's team of genin manage to make it through the written exam, and Go'on nearly collapses with nervousness until he realizes that the next part of the exam takes place in the Forest of Death, which fills him with greater confidence--the outdoors are his specialty, and he offers to act as group leader for this portion. Benio playfully dismisses rumors of the Woman of the Woods, an urban legend that has blossomed in the wake of the Fourth War, before setting the students out into the Forest.

Chapter 16 - Second Opinions - (AO3 Link)
Sasuke, waiting in a lounge with the other teachers while the exam proceeds, has a conversation with a man named Akirame Masao. Masao is Karai's teacher, as well as a former student of Naruto's and a former classmate of Murasaki's. He apologizes for Murasaki's behavior before talking about Karai's progress. Sasuke's extremely high expectations of her and Inou disturb Masao, especially after Sasuke exhibits more lenience towards his own students with no guilt about the inequality. Before Masao can express further disagreement, a proctor bursts in with news that Sasuke's students have already cleared the Forest, setting a new record.  Go'on, it is revealed, managed to apparently tame a bear and save a trio of Sand genin to get their second scroll, and guided his team through the many dangers of the Forest without mishap.  Inou and Karai make it to the tower much later that day.

Chapter 17 - Third Times - (AO3 Link)
Because of the number of students that made it through the Forest, a preliminary tournament is held. Go'on, Shikake, Inou, and Karai all make it to the next round. Sasuke's students go home and are congratulated by their families, but Sasuke's children are not much praised.  Ino tries to soften Sasuke's reaction with a celebration and a day off for the kids, which Sasuke tries to prevent but ultimately fails in. Inou is sullen the next day at lunch, and again avoids Nadeshiko when she volunteers to get groceries for their mother. Takeru and Sasuke both refuse to take part in the celebratory dinner Ino puts together that night. 

Chapter 18 - Interlude: Six Tales - (AO3 Link)
A short story told in six parts about Kurunari, a boy from a Mist orphanage that is used as the six-tailed slug's vessel.  Abandoned as a child by a white-haired man, Kurunari begins to suspect that he is Jiraiya's grandson after Naruto lends him a copy of The Tale of the Gutsy Ninja. Originally given to him because he has a gift for writing, Kurunari sees a photo of Jiraiya on the cover sleeve and notices a strong, but not exact, resemblance. His suspicions are further strengthened when he hears of Jiraiya's sexual promiscuity from Naruto. Other parts of the story have to do with the other jinchuuriki and Kurunari's relationships with them (and fear of women), Kurunari's mistreatment at the hands of Mist's government, and Kurunari's own stories, which stray into supernatural horror.
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In The Blood Summaries - Act 2: Echo [Nov. 2nd, 2011|11:54 pm]
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Chapter 4 - Spotlight Shift - (AO3 Link)
A few months after the incident in Tamina, Sasuke returns home after informing his students that he wants them to participate in the chuunin exams that year.  He learns that his youngest daughter, Karai, has also been chosen, but is distracted by his second son, Takeru, greeting him and leaving with him to spar.  Meanwhile, at the gates of the city, a young red-haired man named Hanamura Yukio has arrived in search of ninja training, and is taken to the Konoha government offices to apply for a visa, where he runs into Naruto. Naruto takes him through the process of applying for the visa, and ends up showing him around the city and offers him a place to stay at his house while Yukio looks for an apartment.  Yukio drops his things off at Naruto's house, and the two decide to go out for dinner.

Chapter 5 - Prism Spectrum - (AO3 Link)
Naruto takes Yukio to Ichiraku Ramen, where Chouji's daughter, Chouko, is working for the evening. They talk of their backgrounds while while waiting for their noodles, as well as what, exactly, a Hokage does, which is something Yukio has great interest in. Yukio ends up over-eating and is falling asleep as Kakashi stops by on his way home from babysitting Yamato's young son. He and Yukio are briefly introduced, and Kakashi finds himself wondering why the boy seems so familiar to him. Yukio, meanwhile, comes down with stomach troubles after the meal, and spends some time in the bathroom. Naruto mulls over the past while waiting for him to finish.

Chapter 6 - Display Matrix - (AO3 Link)
Yukio continues living at Naruto's house, and receives a teacher in the form of Kurenai's daughter, Benio.  As he becomes more well-known in the village, rumors begin to spread that he is Naruto's illegitimate son, due to their strikingly similar appearances and behaviors. Sakura is skeptical, having little faith in similar rumors that Hinata's son, Andou, was fathered by Naruto as well, but her resolve is shaken when she actually meets the boy. Wanting some peace of mind, she goes to Sasuke and asks him if the resemblance is just in her head. Sasuke snaps at her after rightly guessing that she suspects that Yukio is a lovechild, and tells her to do a blood test. Sakura then draws blood from both Naruto and Yukio and sends it in for testing, though she does not tell them why.

Chapter 7 - Red Beacon - (AO3 Link)
The following day, Benio announces to Yukio that she's been chosen as a Chief Examining Officer in the chuunin exams, and will be preoccupied the following week.  In the afternoon, representatives from the Taki clan, a crime family from the Land of Silk, arrive requesting assistance in finding their Boss's daughter, Kiine, whom they believe is hiding in Konoha. The head of the band, Nobuhiro, is quite uncooperative, but Naruto offers whatever assistance he can in finding her, despite the impending chuunin exams.  A physical description and a photo of Kiine, a red-haired girl with peculiar freckles on the back of her neck, are sent out as a memo.

Chapter 8 - Shutter Requests - (AO3 Link)
Nobuhiro returns on the second day, angry that Kiine has not yet been found. Naruto tries to appease him, but senses an imminent attack, and defends himself by stealing the knife that Nobuhiro carries around. Naruto is attacked in turn by a beautiful young man in Nobuhiro's company with a sword, but he manages to defuse the situation and return the knife. The boy with the sword returns later in the afternoon to apologize for his actions, introducing himself as Yuki, Nobuhiro's brother and Kiine's bodyguard. He then requests that if Naruto knows where Kiine is hiding to urge her to flee, before leaving. Meanwhile, Kakashi receives a request over the phone to babysit Yamato's son, Kotoji, again. Kotoji is the result of a one-night-stand, and was left with Yamato by the mother's friend after she died in childbirth. Kakashi puts up a show of resistance but ends up going to babysit him anyways.

Chapter 9 - Flash Signals - (AO3 Link)
Kakashi has a dream of his childhood, from shortly after Obito's death. He and Kushina talk about Minato. He awakens when Yamato comes home from his errand: he had been asked to assist Benio and her boyfriend, a former student of his, in finding Yukio, who has gone missing.  Naruto has since found out and is understandably upset and panicked.  On the way home, Kakashi sees a boy that looks like Haku, and has a violent flashback about his murder, which takes him a while to recover from.

Chapter 10 - Luna Moth - (AO3 Link)
Inou, Sasuke's youngest son, who has been training with his teammates Shikake and Chouko, collapses from exhaustion and throws up.   Chouko decides to bring him home, despite Inou's protestations.  Ino takes him in and has his clothes laundered, and makes him soup.  Inou passes the time with a comic book left on the table by his older sister, Nadeshiko, whom he avoids and tries not to speak to.  His younger sister, Karai comes home from her own training and pesters Inou a little, and Inou leaves to take a bath. He ends up falling asleep in the tub and has a dream about his last chuunin exam attempt, during which he encountered a strange creature with big eyes in the Forest of Death. He awakens to Sasuke and his criticism, and falls asleep at his desk while trying to study. 

Chapter 11 - Slight Illumination - (AO3 Link)
Yukio is found early in the morning trying to leave Konoha, and is kept in a guard station while Naruto is informed. A Taki clan member arrested for messing with a ninja restaurant owner is also there, waiting for Nobuhiro to pick him up. He harasses Yukio a little, until Nobuhiro arrives. Naruto arrives shortly afterward, and he and Nobuhiro start arguing. Before the argument can escalate, Yukio reveals himself to be Kiine, apologizes to Naruto for the trouble, and leaves with her family's representatives. The news that Yukio was Kiine spreads throughout Konoha, and Sasuke makes a point of mocking Sakura for believing Kiine to be Naruto's lovechild. However, the blood tests that Sakura ordered have finally been completed, and the results are interesting enough for Sakura to go to Naruto about them.

Chapter 12 - Phosphorescence Trail - (AO3 Link)
Sakura meets with Naruto about the blood test results and explains to him that Kiine is actually related to him on his mother's side, and suggests that he perhaps use that connection when they contact the Taki clan about their unsettled debts after the chuunin exams. Sakura runs into Sasuke as she returns to the hospital to conduct further tests, and informs him of the results as well, for minor revenge. In examining the blood samples further, Sakura discovers a strange pattern of chakra-saturated blood cells, similar to ones she had seen before in Karin's blood. She sends copies of Kiine's medical charts and samples of her blood to Karin, who has set up a medical clinic of her own in the Land of Waves, to see what she makes of this.

Chapter 13 - Held Candle - (AO3 Link)
Sasuke responds to Sakura's news by digging through the archives of Uchiha clan records, to see if there is any chance that Yakata (whom he hasn't been able to entirely forget) is like Kiine, and a distant relative of his own. The records don't turn up anything, and Sasuke is interrupted and further angered by the entrance of Murasaki, an unstable young woman that claims she can speak to the dead. She attempts to pass messages from Sasuke's dead family members on to him, but is shoved out of the Uchiha compound ruins before Sasuke goes home.  Inou, meanwhile, is still attempting to train, despite being sick and over-tired. He practices a mind-reading technique of his own invention that allows for him to remotely listen to thoughts, but ends up losing control of the technique and collapsing with a nosebleed after hearing voices he has never heard before.  Karin replies to Sakura with a few theories and says she'll do further research in the meantime.

Chapter 14 - Interlude: Big Red - (AO3 Link)
Kiine, home from her stunt in Konoha, looks back on what brought her there.  Her dream is to become Boss of her family's syndicate when she grows up, and has been training for years for that purpose by sneaking out of the house and learning how to fight and make connections, but ends up in an arranged marriage with an allied clan's son.  She and Yuki, her best friend, come up with a plan for her to run away long enough for the marriage to be called off, and put the plan into action after much thought. Obviously, the plan fails, and Kiine feels mad at Yuki for ratting her out and sorry for Naruto, whom she is very fond of, and all the trouble he'll have to deal with from her family.
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In The Blood Summaries - Act 1: Shadow [Nov. 2nd, 2011|09:21 pm]
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Chapter 1 - Duckling Row  - (AO3 Link)
Sasuke receives a genin team to train and complains to Naruto about it, and is given one last chance to gauge their skill in the form of a mission in the Land of Rice.  He then goes home to complain about it to his wife, Ino, and his youngest children, Inou and Karai.  Inou gets in some trouble for reading a comic book and is sent out to train as punishment.  The next day, Sasuke meets with his students: the fanboy Kyou, the sensible Sunao, and the scared Go'on.  He goes over the mission with them and they start their training for the day, and depart the next morning.  They reach their destination, the village of Tamina, two days later, their pace somewhat hampered by Go'on's slowness.  The mission is to help the village and its people clean up and rebuild, as a landslide had destroyed it earlier.  Over the course of the mission, Sasuke slowly grows to tolerate, and even like his students a little.  But at the same time, he's set on edge by things seen out of the corner of his eye, which turns out to be a child with his brother's face.

Chapter 2 - Preying Bird - (AO3 Link)
Sasuke meets the child face-to-face as he and his mother bring dinner to him and his team one evening.  His name is Honbo Yakata. Sasuke finds himself obsessed, and begins following the boy around and observing his behavior.  His movements and facial tics are almost identical to Itachi's, and he exhibits both mental and physical quickness as well.  Yakata eventually notices Sasuke following him and speaks to him while Sasuke watches him from a tree. He nearly asks Sasuke who he really is, but is interrupted by Kyou screaming for Sasuke's help.  Forced to leave his perch, Sasuke goes to see what the matter is and finds that Go'on has climbed up a very tall tree in a panic.  Sasuke climbs the tree to get Go'on down, and ends up waiting a while as Go'on calms himself. During this time, Sasuke comes to the conclusion that Yakata is Itachi's son, and that Itachi is somehow still alive. He resolves to meet with Itachi after he and Go'on descend the tree.

Chapter 3 - Vulture's Feather - (AO3 Link)
Sasuke makes his way to the Honbo residence and asks to speak with Yakata's father. He is out of the house, so Sasuke waits and ends up speaking with Yakata a little while his mother makes tea.  When Yakata's father finally arrives, Sasuke finds himself mistaken: he is not Itachi, not even remotely.  He leaves the house in rage and shame, and mentally beats himself up all night for thinking such a thing was even possible.  He and his students leave early the next morning, and they make it to Konoha by the evening, Go'on's mood and stamina greatly improved.  Sasuke tells Naruto that he intends to keep his students when reporting the completion of the mission, and returns home, resolving to never think of Yakata again.

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Rii Watches Utena - Ep. 9-12 [Jul. 7th, 2011|05:12 pm]
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Episodes 9-12Collapse )
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Rii Watches Utena - Ep. 7-8 [Jul. 6th, 2011|09:28 pm]
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Rii Watches Utena - Ep. 5-6 [Jul. 6th, 2011|02:11 am]
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More detailed because I used a notebook this time!  Posted under a cut cos I figure I'm venturing into spoiler territory soon.
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Rii Watches Utena - Ep. 4 [Jul. 6th, 2011|01:16 am]
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 Thoughts so far:

- Miki and Anthy are ADORABLE.  :33  Miki is so far defying my expectations.

- Not so many roses this episode, probably cos there weren't any duels.

- Nanami is sort of very foolish and I don't think she'll ever be much of a threat from here on out, but I'll keep my eyes peeled.
- I started smiling quite a bit when Anthy started playing  Miki's Sunlit Garden song on the piano, so nice~
- Chuchu don't eat other peoples' food.
- Anthy Is A (Super) Weirdo Who Keeps Snails In Her Pencilcase, A Mongoose In Her Desk Drawer, And An Octopus In Her Closet.
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Rii Watches Utena - Ep. 1-3 [Jul. 5th, 2011|12:28 pm]
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 So I'm watching this little show called Revolutionary Girl Utena. It is very pretty and very confusing and people seem to like it a lot.  So I'm thinking of recording my thoughts here in my LJ as I watch it.

So far, here's what I know is going on from the first three episodes: 

- Utena likes crossdressing because she wants to be a prince, but otherwise identifies as female.

- There's some sort of secret society devoted to restoring/reforming the world and most of its members are in Utena's school and on the student council.  Said membership is defined by having these rings.

- Regarding said student council, there's about three or four members: Toga, the red-haired guy that's the president (?), Saionji(??) a green-haired kendo buttface, an orange-haired person of indeterminate gender (probably female) and a blue-haired bookworm that is not Sailor Mercury because he's a guy.
- Saionji is not above hitting a girl and in fact does so frequently because he's a controlling asshole.

- There's this girl named Anthy and she's called the Rose Bride; this has something to do with the secret society that the student council is a part of.  This society has a lot to do with dueling each other for the honor of being engaged to her.  These engagements seem to be temporary most of the time but come with the super cool power of the Rose Bride's "fiance" being able to pull a super cool sword out of said Rose Bride, which aids in winning duels.  But it's no guarantee of power as it can be beaten by a mere sword handle?? idk
- Anthy is kinda cute but probably horribly broken inside to believe that she must repay even horrible horridness with submissive servitude.  Utena makes for a better girlfriend.
- roses roses roses roses roses roses roses roses ROSES EVERYWHERE
- zettai unmei mokushiroku, zettai unmei mokushiroku, AMMONITE!!
- On a related note I think that all the cambrian-fossil chanting in the early episodes have to do with Utena's power awakening, possibly?  I'll have to watch more episodes to make any more solid conclusions.
- DID YOU HEAR, DID YOU HEAR?  These interludes are highly symbolic and I like them!
- Utena's friend/girlfriend is too heavy and should probably find other modes of transportation.
- Nanami is an incestuous bitch with a rockin' sense of style.
- Utena knows how to tie a toga.  Does she know how to tie a Toga too?  (Toga has a bit of interest in Utena, why is that.)
So yeah, until next episode!  We'll see what's up.
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